How To Care For Your Hair Extensions

You’ve made the great decision of buying a ponytail pro hair extension and soon you won’t know how you functioned without it. But now that you’re on your way to long luscious hair, it’s time to talk hair care.


There are a few simple actions you can take to make sure your hair halo or ponytail is looked after and increase its lifespan.


Using the Right Brush

It is important to brush your ponytail or halo before and after wearing it to remove knots. Use a brush with soft bristles, like our Hair Extension Loop Brush, which carefully detangles without pulling or damaging the hair strands.


Brushing Technique

When brushing your extensions, don’t brush too harshly. Start at the ends of the hair and work your way up. If there is a noticeable knot, be patient and gently work on this area until the knot is detangled. Remember: slow and steady wins the race.



When you’re ready to let your hair down, store your extensions safely. Our Hair Extension Bag & Hanger is great for protecting your extensions from dust, tangling and general damage. Be sure to store it in a place that is cool, dry and away from direct sunlight.


Don't Sleep In Your Hair Extensions

We know that once you put your hair extensions in, you feel so bougee that you'll never want to take them out! But sleeping in your extensions is never a good idea because you'll wake up in a tangled mess. 


Avoid Hair Product

While hair serums and oils may do wonders for your natural hair, your hair extensions won’t like them as much.  Your hair extensions won’t be able to absorb these products and will instead become sticky and collect dirt and dust. Additionally, hair styling products like gels and hairspray will also cause your extensions to become dirty and mattered.  


Avoid Vigorous Activity

Sweat, heat and friction can cause hair to become tangled and mattered. It’s best to leave your ponytail pro extensions at home if your playing sport or other physical activity. If you do need to wear your extensions during such activity, be sure to bring a brush to detangle after.

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