Hair Halo FAQ

Hair extensions date way back to Ancient Egypt where even the OG girl boss, Cleopatra, was rocking phony luscious locks. Having been around for over 5000 years, it’s strange to think that painful and time-consuming methods of hair extensions still exist. Clip-in, sew-in and tape-in hair extensions are the things of nightmares!


Thankfully our new Hair Halo Extensions are the perfect alternative for achieving long, luscious hair, without the hassle. I’m sure you have a few questions about what exactly a Hair Halo is, so, here is everything you need to know:

What is a Hair Halo?

A Hair Halo is a lightweight hair extension that sits comfortably on the crown of your head with an invisible wire. It is secure and undetectable, which blends seamlessly with your natural hair. No clips, no glue, and no damage, just effortless, longer, full-bodied hair.


How do I wear a Hair Halo?

It takes less than 30 seconds to put in your Hair Halo with these 3 easy steps:

  1. Section off the hair at the crown and tie into a bun
  2. Place Hair Halo on your head, with the invisible wire sitting on the crown of your head, where the hair is parted.
  3. Let your hair down from the bun and use a tail comb to blend and smooth hair over.


Who can wear a Hair Halo?

Hair Halos are great for anyone with chin-length hair or longer.


Can I reuse my Hair Halo?

Yes. Our Hair Halos can be used again and again!


Who is a Hair Halo good for?

  • People with little time
  • People who like to change their look on the daily
  • People who struggle to grow out their hair


Does it take a long time to put in a Hair Halo?

Hair Halos are the perfect solution for those who want great hair but have little time. The Hair Halo can be put in, in 30 seconds and is just as easy to remove. Completely transform your look in no time at all!


Are Hair Halo’s comfortable to wear?

Yes. Our Halo’s are lightweight and sit neatly on the crown of your hair. You’ll almost forget you’re wearing one!


How do I care for my Hair Halo?

When you’re not wearing your Hair Halo, hang it in a hair extension bag to protect it from dust and damage. It is also good to brush though your Hair Halo with a Hair Extension Loop Brush to prevent tangling.


When can I wear my Hair Halo?

Hair Halo can be used as often as you like! They’re great for changing up your look for a special occasion or day to day use.


Are your Hair Halos straight or curly?

We have both straight and curly Hair Halos to match your preference and style.


Shop our range of cruelty-free synthetic Hair Halos:


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