Do you know where your Remy hair extensions came from?

With the constant changes in beauty trends, the desire for women to chop, grow and change their hair is endless. While excruciatingly waiting for hair to grow, keeping up with these trends would be near impossible without the assistance of hair extensions and wigs. With this demand for high-end hair, it’s no wonder the hair wig and extension industry is estimated to reach revenues of over $10 billion by 2023.

Driving this demand for hair extensions is virgin human and Remy hair. Considered to be the highest quality and most desirable of hair extensions. However, while you may be paying top dollar for high-grade hair, it may not be what it seems.

Due to the slow growth and personal attachment to one’s hair, finding individuals willing to sell their hair is not so easy. Consequently, alleged ‘Virgin Remy Hair’ is really a combination of the hair sourced from drains, salon floors and even animals. The hair industry is largely unregulated, so it is difficult to know what’s really in your hair extensions. 

While virgin human and Remy hair can be genuine, it is usually sourced through exploitation and unfair means. Buyers typically target impoverished areas in southeast Asia and prey on desperate women who will sell their hair for as little as $2. In some cases, buyers will offer women a higher, fair price and then take their hair without following through on payment. 

It is also common for thieves to forcibly take hair through blackmail, threatening with a weapon or holding down the victim while they cut off their hair. This hair passes through many hands before reaching the consumer, so it is impossible to know if the hair was ethically sourced or not.

The hair industry is unregulated, however, a more ethical option does exist: Synthetic Hair Extensions.

They’re a fraction of the price of human hair and don’t come at the cost of exploitation. Synthetic hair looks just like human or Remy hair and is even heat resistant to be styled to your liking. Achieve the hair you wish you were born with, without exploitation and unfair trade.

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